Bookmark Exporter is Shareware

Bookmark Exporter is distributed as shareware and You can evaluate the demo version. In the demo version, a reminder screen appears at the startup of the program and the Links in the Cascading Menu are disabled.

The cost of Bookmark Exporter Full Version is currently only $9.95.

You can buy a Bookmark Exporter Full version with:

Buy with BMTmicro

Why Register?

If You are asking Yourself: "Why should I register?"
Here are reported some answers, that could be a good reason:

  • Registered users will have removed the reminder screen at the startup of the program and the DHTML Menu will be fully functional;
  • Registered users will receive higher-priority support;
  • Registered users will be entitled to receive for free all the upgrades that will become available;
  • Your support serves as motivation for me to continue improving Bookmark Exporter.

How to Register?

The cost of a Bookmark Exporter License is currently only $9.95.
The quickest and most convenient way to register Bookmark Exporter is online, by a secure connection. You can register your copy via PayPal or contacting BMTMicro, a worldwide known order taking service in business since May 1992. All registration process handle by BMTMicro are make through secure server that guarantee your privacy and security.

You will find the page where to register Bookmark Exporter at this link:


or if you prefer to use PayPal click the following button: